1. Unifamiliar House in Parede. 

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  3. House in Gran Via Avenue in Valencia. 


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  5. The relationships between content and form, showing objects without contents, that remain beautiful also just as shapes. A beautiful work by Think Work Observe for the first issue of Up-and-ComingStyle Magazine.


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  7. Minimalistic, vegan, coconut, vanilla cubes by Ivania Carpio. Ingredients: agar-agar powder, coconut milk, a vanilla bean, agave nectar (or sugar).

    - Prepare the Agar Agar as instructed on the package. But instead of using water, use coconut milk. Bring the coconut milk to a boil, add the powder, the agave nectar and the seeds of the vanilla bean. Stir well and take your pan off the heat.

    - Pour the mixture into a container. Let it cool off outside the fridge for a while to give the vanilla seeds a chance to sink to the bottom before the pudding sets. 

    - After about an hour in the fridge, cut the agar agar into cubes. If you insert your knife a little diagonally, you’ll get slightly inclined cubes with visually more 3D effect.

    - Take them out, flip them over to expose the black vanilla speckles and eat!


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  9. Loft FOR is located in Brussels. Originally an old industrial building but was converted into a private residence by Adn Architectures with such purity and functional simplicity. Here are a couple of things that tickle my fancy: raw concrete ceiling, terracotta blocks, white and simple. 

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